Tidied up downloads section

I have removed the link to the Range Objects mod for now. It is not compatible with DCS 1.5.5.

Also added more links to mods that I use.
Take a look and see if there is something there that you didn’t use yet, but are interested in! Note that certain links refer to a file location at http://www.lockonfiles.com. You’ll need to register over there to be able to download the files.

KW-908 JetSeat

Recently I bought the KW-908 Jetseat. And I like it so much that I think a short blurb is in order! The Jetseat really adds to the immersion giving you a form of tactile feedback about what the airframe is doing, like stalls, G-buffetting, landing gear extension, taxi bumps, etc. A program called SimShaker makes this possible (see below).

Jetseat is a Russian made product that is quite hard to obtain from the manufacturer, but a community member named Andrey offers a handy webshop for easy dispatch and support for Western users.
Visit his website here.


It’s a ‘cushion’ that you can fit on just about any office chair and it features 8 motors to provide force-feedback.

The ‘seat’ offers three zones; 4 motors under your thighs and bum, 2 motors in your lower back and 2 motors at your shoulder area.

Andrey and his crew, collectively known as Dreamsim Team offer a software solution to interface with many commonly used sims like DCS (but also racing sims), called SimShaker.
The application is updated often and new DCS modules are usually added to the application within a few days. Andrey himself is *VERY* quick with support if there are any issues or questions. Truely a ‘Dream Team’ so far. 🙂

Visit their website here: Dreamsim Team website.


Yassy’s TrackIR profiles

I have created two profiles for the wonderful TrackIR head tracker which turned out to be quite popular.

The profiles are for the TIR 4 and 5.

For easy access I provide download links to both profiles below:

Yassy’s BMS profile.

Yassy’s DCS profile
Please refer to the included readme for installation instructions and tips.

Be aware that the location for profiles has been changed from the location of the TrackIR software to:

\Users\<Windows username>\AppData\Roaming\NaturalPoint\TrackIR 5\Profiles

Trying out the WordPress platform.



Yassy HQ has been a seperate website for a few months now, but I find that maintaining a website is a lot of work as opposed to maintaining a blog.

The articles and files I want to share with you all, are mostly hosted somewhere else anyway, so why bother having my own hosting service, right? Well it’s just so cool to have one. 🙂

Seriously, though, I might just switch to WordPress and go from there. We’ll see.
At least I’ve kicked off with this entry!