On this page you will find direct links to all material I’ve linked for download on my blog.
I check all links once in a while, but if you find a broken link, please do not hesitate to report a dead link to me.


TrackIR profile made by me for Falcon BMS or DCS: World. It’s pretty popular among BMS users. Please check out this thread to read some reactions (you need to be registered ion the BMS forums to view).

UniversRadio is the radio mod we use in our wing. It not only provides pilots with working radio’s in DCS in a multiplayer environment (using TS3), but also integrates LotATC into the Comms net. (Link directs to homepage)

(Honorable mention: Aries Wings Airborne Radio is an excellent Radio Comms simulator plugin which works in concert with Teamspeak 3)

LotATC is a program that simulates an ATC controller’s station. We use it in our wing as the dedicated software for ATC ops in DCS World (Link directs to homepage).

DCS World RWR Audio Expansion mod is an effort to enhance the RWR audio in the sim to more closely match its real life version. The mod is based upon the work of Eddie Knight’s initial version, but has been expanded upon.(Official thread on the ED forums.)

Mustang’s DCS:W Environmental Shader mod alters various shaders in the sim to make it better looking and less hazy. (Official thread on the ED forums.)

476th vFG’s Air Weapons Range Objects mod is a very high quality mod that adds some new objects to the sim found on training ranges. (Link to the file from its official homepage.) Currently NOT COMPATIBLE with v1.5.5!

476th Weapon Repaint mod. By Snoopy. Link to 476th file download location.

GAU-8 Avenger cannon sound internal / external mod by diveplane. It’s a very realistic sound mod and I have made it available from my Dropbox because I am unable to locate the original thread on the forums anymore.
GAU-8 Avenger cannon rounds impact sound mod edited by me, but the original is (probably) by Well.

Ricardo’s ‘Realistic Horse of War’ A-10C cockpit mod. This mod adds weathering and usage damage to the cockpit interior to make it resemble a heavily used cockpit. Link to official ED Forums thread.

Frenchy’s Realistic NVG mod. This mod alters the night vision effect to a more realistic version. Link to official ED Forums thread.

Starway’s Improved Caucasus terrain mod v2.0. This mod replaces most textures on the Caucasus map for higher res ones. All seasons included. Link to official homepage.

Kuky’s Better Vehicle Dust mod. Alters the dust effect for vehicles. Link to official ED Forums thread.

Kuky’s Longer Contrails mod. Alters the contrail effect for aircraft. Link to official ED Forums thread.

Kuky’s Longer Lasting Wreck Fire mod. Increases the time wrecks burn. Link to official ED Forums thread.

Kuky’s Longer Lasting Fire and Smoke mod. Increases vehicle flame size and smoke duration for easier spotting. Link to official ED Forums thread.

Diveplane’s various mods. Especially his Audio Production mods are excellent. Link to his uploaded files list at (You need to register at the site to download)


Dangerous Waters Official 1.04 patch. (Dropbox mirror)

Dangerous Waters Unofficial Windows 10 patch. (Dropbox mirror)